Yellowstone Park

Get Back to Nature at Yellowstone Park

Regardless of whether your ideal occasion comprises of enjoying stunning experience exercises, taking in some culture, or just sitting back in tranquil environmental factors and loosening up it simple, the USA could well be the ideal objective.

And keeping in mind that a great many people may connect the immense country with its notorious urban communities – ones like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago come into view – getting some downtime from the USA’s metropolitan wildernesses additionally will undoubtedly offer a lot to take in.

Indeed, the National Parks of America have provided both domestic tourists and those from further afield to the chance to get back to nature for more than a century. Dotted across the country, being able to stop off at least one of the 300-plus parks should not prove to be too difficult a task.

However, while the breadth and depth of parks may be a little overwhelming for some people, those looking for a good place to start may want to head to the one park which can claim to be a pioneer – Yellowstone.

Nature at Yellowstone Park

Spanning 3,468 sq miles, not only is the park one of the largest in the country – it alone is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island – it is also the oldest. Established in 1872, it is the first-ever national park to be created in the entire continent of North America. And as it is steeped in so much history, visitors are sure to find there is plenty for them to see and do.

Culture vultures may want to ensure they stop off at the Heritage & Research Center. Spanning some 32,000 sq ft, the facility traces the history of the Yellowstone region, which has been populated by humans for more than 11,000 years. Taking in this fascinating cultural center offers the chance for visitors to view more than 35,000 archaeological artifacts and 20,000 books and manuscripts. It also contains some 300,000 cultural and natural science specimens, as well as vast quantities of photographs and historic records.

However, those taking in Yellowstone as part of an adventure holiday may want to do more than look at historical relics. And with all that open terrain to explore, getting out and being active won’t be too much of a challenge. People visiting during the summer will find fishing, cycling, and horseback riding among the activities on offer. Visitors may also want to take some sturdy walking boots with them, as there are more than 1,100 miles of hiking trails.

But travelers who visit during the winter months may find that, despite the chilly weather, they can keep themselves warm by taking part in cross-country skiing, going on snowcoach and snowmobile tours, or getting involved with a number of activities led by Yellowstone’s team of rangers.

Yellowstone Park

Thrillseekers looking to catch their breath and take in the stunning natural surroundings will find the park is teeming with fascinating wildlife. Keen David Attenboroughs will have the chance to observe red squirrels, hares, otters, and shrews. However, those wanting to view some bigger species may be able to spot wolves, bears – both the grizzly and black varieties – deer, bison, and moose.

Meanwhile, there are a number of fish that can be spotted in the park’s numerous lakes, including the arctic grayling and rainbow and brook varieties of trout.

In addition to the dazzling array of animals to observe, fans of Mother Nature may want to pay a visit to the world-famous Old Faithful geyser. Renowned for its regular eruptions – indeed, the park’s staff predict that it goes off around once every 90 minutes – visitors will be able to see boiling hot water shot hundreds of feet into the air. And if they time their snapshots well, photography enthusiasts may be able to capture on camera this geothermal wonder in full flow, something which is sure to be a highlight of their holiday photo album.

However, those looking to check out other geysers may wish to stop off at Daisy, Riverside, and Grand. Although Yellowstone being home to more than half of all the geysers in the world, taking in such a geological delight should be relatively easy.

Yellowstone Park

Other scenic highlights include the park’s Grand Canyon – a gorge that stretches 900 feet deep in places – Yellowstone Lake, the Mammoth Hot Springs, and the 10,243-ft tall Mount Washburn.

Of course, visitors to the park – whether they are next to one of its many lakes, in a forest, or on the plains – will be able to breathe in some fresh, clean country air, something they will probably be unable to experience back home.

So whether those on a USA trip are looking to take part in adrenalin-pumping activities, get some stunning pictures for their scrapbook or observe animals in their natural habitat, a visit to the Yellowstone National Park is sure to be the perfect place for them.

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