Basic Photography – What to Look For in a Digital Camera

Shopping for an appropriate digital camera can be really confusing if you are not clear about what you actually want, and you need to learn some basic photography terms in order to understand just what you need to be looking for. There are numerous types and styles of digital cameras available in the market today. To buy the best one, you should know what to look for in a digital camera. There are several models, manufacturers, and price ranges that need to be sorted out well before picking the best model and manufacturer at the best rates. To simplify your search for a digital camera lets us take a look at things you should consider before buying a digital camera.

Number of Megapixels- This is an important aspect which you should consider while buying a digital camera. A number of megapixels determine the clarity and details of a captured photograph. There are several cameras that offer a different range of megapixels. Today you can buy a range from 2 megapixels to 8-megapixel cameras.

Now the next question arises that how many megapixels would you need. Well, if you are purchasing a digital camera to click photos and transfer them over the Internet, a 2 or 3-megapixel camera would be the best buy. On the other hand, if you want to take out a large printout of your favorite photographs, you would need a 5-megapixel camera. And if you are a professional photographer and capturing details is essential for you, then a 7 or 8-megapixel camera would be a pick for you.

Basic Photography – What to Look For in a Digital Camera

Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom- It is important for you to look for its range of optical zoom and digital zoom in a digital camera. When the lenses of the camera physically move to zoom on a subject, it is said to be optical zoom. On the other hand, if the image is magnified by the microchip of the camera, it is said to be digital zoom. However, the quality of the digitally zoomed images is not good. This is the reason that most manufacturers focus on specifying optical zoom rather than digital zoom.

While buying a digital camera, you should take into account, whether you require a large zoom range, medium zoom range, or normal zoom range. It is advisable that you at least purchase a camera with 3x zoom capability.

Connectivity- When you lookout for a digital camera, always verify its compatibility with the computers and the file system, and the printer. After you click photographs, you might want to transfer them to your PC or send them directly for printing. For this purpose, you should ensure that the manufacturers provide you with a cable to connect the camera to the USB port of your computer or printer. You can also look out for firewire for better and fast transmission of photographs.

Memory-Digital Film- You would certainly say that you know that flash memory is chosen for digital cameras. Yes, you are right. But there are two things you should consider while choosing a flash memory. The first is the format and the second is the quality module. If you are looking to click a quick series of photographs with high resolutions, you should choose a memory that can record quickly and effectively.

Basic Photography – What to Look For in a Digital Camera

Exposure Control- You should definitely examine the capability of the camera to adjust to various shutter speeds and aperture speeds. It is essential that the camera has a manual setting for these two aspects so that the best image quality can be obtained. If you are a professional, you definitely need to have good options of shutter and aperture speed in a digital camera.

Handling and Usage- Last but not least, choose a camera that is easy to use and handle as well. This means that the camera should be compact and the features and controls of the camera should be easily accessible to you.

If you consider these aspects while looking for a digital camera, you would surely land up buying the best camera for your needs and usage. Learn basic photography and you can book on finding exactly which digital camera will suit your needs.

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