About Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda

Kibale National Park is one of the most excellent spots of the tropical woods in Uganda, with an all-out surface of 795 km2. It is known as a residence of timberland untamed life, particularly on account of its 13 types of primates whose chimpanzee. It is winning in the north and focal pieces of the recreation center, on the raised level territory Fort Portal. Kibale is 1590m over the ocean level, and it is the most elevated at the recreation center’s northern lean. Its north is moist, with a mean yearly precipitation of 1700mm, typically in March-May and September-November. The climate is normally lovely and the yearly temperature is 14-270c. Though the temperatures are hot, the downpour becomes lower in the south. Around there, land drops boil down to the hot break valley f100r. It is to be noticed that the timberland offers open pampas.

As in the South, the recreation center meets Queen Elizabeth National Park. The two of them keep a long relocation path of around 180km of the natural life, from Ishaka to Sebitoli. The previous is the remote of the southern area of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the last is the timberland in the North of Kibale.

The Kibale-Fort Portal is a decent region to investigate and appreciate in Uganda. The recreation center is near the peaceful Ndalikasenda cavity, Rwenzori Mountains, and Semuliki just as Toro-Semuliki untamed life Reserve.

Topographical setting.

Kibale National Park lies in the west piece of Uganda, 26km southeast of Fort Portal town. You can get to Kanyanchu River Camp a decent and essential place for the travel industry exercises. You can pass from Kampala by means of Mubende and Fort Portal, or arrive at the south through Mbarara and Kamwenge. The Northern board is more limited and speedier, in a 300km landing area street to Fort Portal, trailed by 36km Muram to Kanyanchu.

The subsequent travel industry focus is Sebitoli and it is more reachable than the first. It lies straightforwardly on Kampala street, 16 km before Fort gateway. Public vehicle between the two is dynamic, just as the vehicle among gateway and Kamwenge by means of Kanyanchu.

Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda


You don’t need to stress over whether you will eat, drink, or rest! Kibale Primate Lodge has settled the issue. It allows you to pick among store cabins, tree houses, and up-market-rose camps. Straightforward houses are additionally found at Sebitoli. There and at Kanyanchu, you are furnished with camping areas and flasks, with a fundamental feast!

Reasonable convenience is accessible in the neighboring towns of Bigodi, and Nkingo, with a free choice to go to the Ndali Crater region. You can likewise get the right of passage to Chimpanzee Guest House and to Lake Nakuru.


The irregularity of height in Kibale empowers the presence of various kinds of homes, lying from wet tropical backwoods evergreen timberland on the level of Fort Portal through sodden semi-deciduous to forest and savanna on the crack valley ground.

In the focal piece of the recreation center, the backwoods knows a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees. In the last mentioned, the evergreen assortment is predominant. Trees grow up to 55m or more, and they show proof of semi-shut parasol of defined tree crowns. The bramble isn’t thick with concealing spices, bushes, an assortment of plants, and bread left woodland grasses. 351 tree species have been dwarfed in the recreation center.

The thickness and variety of primates in Kibale are transcending in Africa. It is renowned in view of its 13 kinds of Chimpanzee, a said the nearest relative of man. Kibale’s 1450 chimpanzees are the agent of Uganda’s primate. The recreation center additionally covers Hoest monkeys and red colobus monkeys of East Africa. To these types of monkeys, one can add high contrast Columbus; dim cheeked Mangabey, red followed monkey, transport child, potto, and olive mandrill.

Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda

With respect to, warm-blooded animals, you can see elephants, wild ox, panther, bramble pig, and duiker. A decent spectator can likewise discover reptiles and creatures of land and water. Butterflies, beautiful ones are available also.

Kibale National Park counts 325 bird species and six of them are pervasive in the Albertine Rift area.

Primate walk (chimpanzee following)

Guests like to pursue chimpanzees and search for the highly contrasting Colobus, dim cheeked Mangabey, and red followed monkey. You will likewise discover sunbirds, pitas, and different species. Guides are there to clarify for you the utilization of certain plants of the timberland. The walk isn’t debilitating or exhausting. It ordinarily keeps going a few hours and it is taken care of in gatherings of six people. During top seasons, it is smarter to book ahead of time. Timberland Hike Mid-November-February and June-September is a confined occasional 12km climb. It investigates equatorial jungle, riverine backwoods, marsh, and pampas. Showing up there, you will be permitted to open your eyes and see birds and primates, duiker, and bushbuck. It is an agreeable walk that beginnings at 8;00 from Kanyanchu and closures at the elephant Wallow around 14;00> No thirst and craving! Pre-booking is encouraged!

Kids’ exercises

Are your kids willing to go with you? Try not to stress over it. Despite the fact that Children of 12 years and underneath are not permitted to see the chimps or enter the woodland, they have their exceptional diversion! They appreciate instructive woods strolls of one to two hours, trailed by other engaging, yet imaginative exercises. Guardians partake in their strolls in the backwoods with cheerful personalities that their kids are protected and prepared by experienced aides.

They are given examples about the environment and its occupants through short yet intriguing strolls. They are mitigated by certain games among which we can refer to batik making, photography, cyanotype, and lake plunging.

Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda

What a safe haven! Outside the recreation center, in Magombe’s Swamp, there is a quiet spot, which is Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. It is popular as a result of its natural life that covers chimpanzees, red and white colobus, red followed monkey, and numerous different creatures like Sitatunga, Mongoose, bushbuck, and Otter. The Sanctuary targets being careful of the biodiversity and climate of the marsh.

Instructions to arrive at Chimpanzee’s home

Nine principles are to be considered:

  1. Try not to enter the timberland without a recreation center aide
  2. Try not to unnerve or endeavor to incite chimps
  3. Streak photo are profoundly prohibited
  4. Adhere to the directions of your aide
  5. Keep distance of 8m among you and the chimps
  6. In case you are wiped out or feel wiped out, don’t enter the backwoods since chimps can get the sickness 7. It is prohibited to poo in an opening of under 30cm. Use bathroom tissue.
  7. Try not to eat close to the chimps
  8. Offspring of 12 years and beneath are not permitted to see the chimps for wellbeing reasons

Is Kibale a zoo?

Note that Kibale isn’t a zoo however a characteristic equatorial jungle. The stroll to chimpanzees and different primates relies upon many factors to be specific: time, natural product accessibility, climate, and the existence of the gathering.


During top blustery seasons, Mornings and nights are freezing and wet. Along these lines, you are encouraged to get into comfortable apparel and downpour hardware. Wear encased shoes and carry with you a camera, optics, untamed life manuals, cap, and bug repellent.

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